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45th Mission GREECE

On Tuesday, the 11th of August and on Friday, the 14th of August, 2015, a pediatrician, member of Heart Doctors, after an invitation of a group of Greek volunteers, visited families of refugees staying temporarily under tents in the public garden of Pedion tou Areos, in Athens.. The pediatrician was assisted by the social worker Mr. Charalampos Magoulas, head of the group of volunteers, a few of his volunteers and certain Afghans who knew the Greek language and acted as interpreters. The refugees were all Afghan families with children and grown ups. Diseases observed and dealt with were infections of the respiratory system, gastroenteritis, skin diseases etc. Certain individuals with serious health problems were sent to hospital. On the 11th of August, the patients examined were too many and kept going to the doctor for 4 hours; on the 14th of August, the patients examined were less. The medicines used were offered by the group of volunteers.
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