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17th Mission CAMEROON

On the 10th of November 2015, a five member team departed for Cameroon through Chad. The purpose of the mission was the medical attendance of the populations in two districts, the district of Katrang of northwestern country and of Goulfey district of the extreme north of the country.

The mission has been organized by a travel agent, whom the members met in the city of Maroua in a previous mission. He was responsible for transport and security of the team through Chad and Cameroun. A man was appointed to join the members during traveling.

The team arrived at the airport of NDjamena in the evening of the 10/11 and was received by the mayor of Goulfey who kindly assisted us in custom clearing and escorted us to an hotel. There, we met the agent who was going to travel with us to Katrang and return to N`Djamena.

Next day, the team with the load of medicines traveled in a mini bus south along the river on Chadian territory to the village of Bongor, near the river, a four hour drive.

There, at the borders the checking of passports and custom clearance proved to be time consuming, the government employees requiring tips for their bureaucratic duties. Finally we got clearance to pass after promising a donation of medicines on our return to Ndjamena.

The transport across the river was done with pirogues and on the Kameroon side the team was expected by a priest of the Katrang region, two soldiers for security and a new mini bus.

The military escort was a necessary prerequisite for  all  westerners, according to governments orders, because of the extremist activities of the Boco-Haram organization at the Nigerian-Kamerounaise borders.

The team continued towards Katrang, another two hour drive, and reached the site of our activities at sun set, where the members were welcomed by well known people, who take care of the compound with the buckaroos being used by the team for more than 10 years.

From 12 to 15/11, a large number of people came to the compound to be examined and treated from Katrang district and also from neighbor Chad, passing the borders for one day. Frequent health problems were malaria, infections of the respiratory tract low back pain, arthritis, wounds and   helminthiases.

On the 16/11, the members of the mission returned to n`Jamenaa through the same road to the borders with Cameroun, where there were expected by the mayor of the city of Goulfey.

Following the same time consuming formalities of police control and custom clearing at the Chadian borders, the team past easily through the borders of Cameroun and reached the office of the head of the district for salutations according to the protocol.

The man has been informed about our coming  and our activities as humanitarians around the world, and expressed his sincere thanks for our services to the community. He was aware of the Greek history as well as of modern Greek music and even sung o song of Mouschouri.

He appeared to us as a man with spiritual glimpses, something very rare for African reality. Thereafter the team moved by car through the desert to the city of Goulfey and settled in the same house of a former minister as in a previous mission.

During the days of 17, 18 and 19/11, the team worked in the dispensary of the city helped by nurses of the health center.. Frequent health problems were besides malaria gastritis due to various additives used for cooking, hypertension, low back pain, infections of the respiratory and urinary tracts, vision problems and helminthiasis.

In the afternoon of the 19th, the team returned to N`Djamena escorted by the mayor and soldiers, and on the 20th to Greece through Constantinople.

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