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18th Mission CAMEROON

On the 15th of March 2016, a four member team of the humanitarian Organization `Heart Doctors` departed from Athens to Cameroon through Chad. The purpose of the mission was the medical attendance of the populations livening in the district of Katrang, in the extreme north province of the Cameroon. The transfer of the mission within Cameroon had been organized by a travel agent from the city of Maroua. He was responsible for the transport and the security of the team.

 The team arrived at the airport of NDjamena in the evening of the 15th of March 2016; they spent the night at an hotel there and next morning moved southwards to the city of Bongor, in Chadian territory. After passport controls and customs clearance at Bongor, the team crossed by pirogue the river separating Chad from Cameroon and reached the Cameroonian city Yagoua, at the other bank of the river. New passport controls and customs clearance was necessary at Yagoua in order to enter Cameroon. Then the team with two soldiers left by car for Katrang the escort of the soldiers is obligatory since the well known Islamic extremists of `Boko Haram` invade those areas killing innocent people and devastating the place.

 Late in the afternoon of the 16th of March, the team reached Katrang; they settled at huts locally called boukaroos; those huts have been built by `Heart Doctors` many years ago to house their mission members in a place where there is no proper building at all.

 During the period 17.3.16 21.3.16 medical services were offered by the team to a great number of patients from the wide area of Katrang and even to people from Chad who crossed the borders and came to the dispensary on foot. A separate large room of the local Christian Orthodox Church of `Saint Apostles` was used by the doctors to receive and examine the gathering patients. The main health problems and diseases observed were: malaria, infections of the respiratory system low back pains, arthritis, wounds, helminthiasis, gastritis, hypertension, infections of the urinary system, conjunctivitis, eye problems and skin diseases.

 On the 22nd of March the team returned to NDjamena, following the same itinerary, and on the 23rd they reached Athens through Constantinople.

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