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43rd Mission BURUNDI

Α five member team of “Heart Doctors” visited Burundi on 27.9.2016 to offer free medical care to rural communities of Karuzi province. The local organization, preparation and coordination of the mission was undertaken by Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana, Governor of Karuzi Province.

On the 29th of September the team moved to the capital of Karuzi and started working right away. The night was spent in an hotel of the town of Karuzi, capital of the Province. Everyday, the team moved from that hotel to one community according to the programme; it worked there till evening in medical centers or other places where patients gathered. The required medicines had been transferred by the team from Athens. The communities visited and the health problems observed were the following:

29th of September, 2016: Kiranda. Malaria, gastroenteritis, infection of the upper respiratory system, skin diseases, scabies, conjunctivitis, elephantiasis (one case).

30th of September, 2016. Cirambo. Medical Center. Malaria, gastroenteritis, infection of the upper respiratory system, scabies, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, psoriasis (one case).

1st of October, 2016: Village of pigmies. Twa de Ramba. Malaria, gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, conjunctivitis, infections of the upper respiratory system, arthralgia, skin diseases, musculoskeletal pains, parasitosis, drum fingers of hand and foot, leprosy (one case).

2nd of October, 2016. Nyarunazi. Medical Center. Malaria, gastroenteritis, infection of the upper respiratory system, conjunctivitis, hyperthyroidism, amoebiasis, musculoskeletal pains, children suffering from cahexia.

3rd of October, 2016. Nyabibuye. Medical Center. Malaria, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, musculoskeletal pains, skin diseases.

The team noticed again the low level of health prevailing in certain of the areas visited; the phenomenon of cahectic children is still there. Milk for babies was offered to children whose mothers, because of malnutrition, had no milk to breastfeed them.

The team returned to Athens on Wednesday, the 5th of October, 2016.

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