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19th Mission CAMEROON

On the 22nd of November 2016, five members of `Heart Doctors` departed from Athens to Cameroon through Chad to offer medical attendance to sick people living in Katrang, a remote district in the extreme northern region of Cameroon. The transfer of the team within Chad and Cameroon had been organized by a Cameroonian travel agent.

On the same day, the team reached N`Djamena and spent the night there; next morning they moved to the Chadian city of Bongor. After passport controls and customs clearance at Bongor, the team crossed by pirogue the river Logon (separating Chad from Cameroon) and reached the Cameroonian city Yagoua, at the opposite bank of the river. Controls were repeated at Yagoua. Then the team left for Katran.

Later on the 23rd of November, the team reached Katrang and settled at huts locally called `boukaroos` they had been built by `Heart Doctors` long ago to house their missions in a place where there is no building to stay in.

The military authorities of Cameroon sent two soldiers of the counterterrorist service (BIR) to protect the mission from attacks that might be inflicted by the Islamic organization Boko Haram. The guard stayed near the team day and night till the end of the mission it even escorted the team to Yagoua until all embarked to Bongor.

During the period 23 29.11.16 medical services were offered by the team to a great number of patients gathering from the wide area of Katrang and even to people from Chad who crossed the borders and visited the dispensary. The premises of the nearby Christian Orthodox Church of `Saint Apostles` were used to receive and treat the suffering people. Heart Doctors had brought from Athens, for this purpose, 10 bags full of medicines.

The main health problems observed were: malaria, infections of the respiratory system, schistosomiasis, low back pains, arthritis, wounds, helminthiasis, gastritis, infections of the urinary system, conjunctivitis and eye problems.

On the 30th of November the team returned to N`Djamena, and then to Athens through Constantinople.


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