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23rd Mission NIGERIA

On Wednesday the 18th of January 2017, a six member team of “Heart Doctors” departed from Athens and traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, through Istanbul. Then they traveled by a mini buss to Oyo State, accompanied by 5 policemen – they reached the area called IDS Elekara. Τhe Prince Abiodun Afonja received the team, welcomed them and offered hospitality in a guest house located next to his own house.

Heart Doctors worked in the following communities where they met and treated thousands of sick inhabitants:

19.1.2017: Iseke

20.1.2017: Alalubosa

21.1.2017: IDS Elekara

22.1.2017: Sabo, Isale Oyo (in a large Hall of the L.A. Primary School)

23.1.2017: Oroki, Oyo (in the amphitheater of Emmanuel College)

In the house of Prince Abiodun Afonja a special massive meeting was organized to honour and thank Heart Doctors for their free medical services to the people of Oyo State. However, Heart Doctors asked to continue  working with sick people instead of enjoying the amusement. The Prince offered an official meal to the members of the team and gave to each one a traditional costume and handicraft prepared for the occasion by people of Oyo State.


The most frequent diseases were the following:

Malaria, gastroenteritis, arthralgias, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, infections of the upper respiratory system, lower back pains, hypertension, epilepsy, parasites of the alimentary canal, typhoid fever.

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