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24th Mission NIGERIA

On Tuesday the 24th of January 2017, a five member team of Heart Doctors departed by car from Oyo State, Nigeria, to Minna the capital of Niger State. Five policemen escorted the team for security reasons. The trip lasted 7,5 hours; it was very difficult because of the very bad condition of the road and the high temperature of the atmosphere.

On the same day another five member team of Heart Doctors left Athens and through Istanbul reached Abuja and then moved to Minna, accompanied by a few policemen. The two teams formed one group consisting of ten members; they were received by the representative of the Governor of Niger State and were accommodated in guest houses of the Governor.

Every day the whole team left the guest house and moved to one community of the Niger State to treat the sick people that gathered there. The roads of this State are very bad indeed and because of this four hours were spent every day to move to the selected community and return to Minna.

The following communities were visited:

25.01.2017: Kpatnugo, Godogbs, Katcha Local Goverment
26.01.2017: Akpmazyi, Anguooan Makaman, Siroro Local Goverment
27.01.2017: Kowankasa, Rafi Local Goverment
28.01.2017: Kango, Bosso Local Goverment

O the 26th of January, the medical center and the well constructed by Heart Doctors in the area Akpmazyi, Anguooan Makaman, were inaugurated. The word Anguooan means blak star in the local language. The gathered people received the team with great enthusiasm, smiling and happy. A big swarm of little children gathered around the well to see the drinking water being pumped out for the first time! Impressive looked the building of the medical center. Blankets, sheets, pillows and medical equipment brought from Athens were used to prepare the center for use. After the inauguration ceremony and the celebrations (music, dances and singing) sick people were examined and treated in the new medical center. During the inauguration, rice was distributed to very poor families by Hear Doctors.

In addition to the rest of the officials, present in the ceremony was Hon. Umaru Tanko Kuta, an old friend of Heart Doctors who was responsible for the supervision of the constructions (medical center building and opening of well).

The new medical center and the well will cover the needs of 40.000 people living in the wider area.

The most frequent diseases were the following:

Malaria, parasites of the alimentary canal, hypertension, lower back pains, gastroenteritis, skin diseases, arthralgias, bronchitis, typhoid fever.

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