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25th Mission (NIGERIA

On Saturday the 28th of January 2017, a ten member team of “Heart Doctors” left Minna and went to Abuja by car accompanied by two policemen. Four members of the team departed in the evening from Abuja to Athens and the rest spent the night at an hotel in Abuja. Next morning, on the 29th of January, the six members left Abuja for Benue State. The team crossed Nasarawa State and reached Makurdi, the capital of Benue State. There, the local authorities offered to the mission two cars and 10 men of the Immediate Intervention Forces. The first car acted as a precursor (clearing the road of the traffic), four cars followed (two of them of Benue State and two of the Presidency of Nigeria)  and then the car with the mission members and the medicines followed. The trip from Abuja to Makurdi lasted five hours (the people responsible for the security of Heart Doctors preferred to move in day light because of the criminality in Benue State and some unrest during that period).

The team spent the night in an hotel in Makurdi and next day moved to Otukpo where it worked for two days in the General Hospital of Otukpo examining and treating sick people.

On the 1st of February, the team moved to Gboko and worked in the hospital there. Next day it moved to Adikpo and worked in the hospital of the city. In the afternoon of that day the mission returned to Makurdi and was received by the Governor of Benue State Mr. Samuel Ortom. He thanked Heart Doctors for their humanitarian aid and offered traditional costumes to the members of the team. The team was accommodated in guest houses of the Governor. Next day it moved to Daudu where many sick people gathered and were treated (Daudu is the city from which the Governor comes from).    

The date and the place visited by Heart Doctors were the following:

30/01: Otukpo (medical work in the local General Hospital)
31/01: Otukpo (medical work in the local General Hospital)
01/02: Gboko (medical work in the local General Hospital)
02/02: Adikpo (medical work in the local General Hospital)
03/02: Daudu( medical work in the local General Hospital)

The main health problems observed were the following:

Malaria, helminthiasιs, tracheobronchitis, lower back pains, hypertension, epilepsy, conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis arthralgias, typhoid fever. 

The team returned to Athens on the 4th of February 2017.

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