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27th Mission NIGERIA

On the 10th of October 2017, a five member team moved from Athens to Lagos in Nigeria, in order to offer medical services to poor populations in various villages in Oyo State. The team moved by car from Lagos to the city of Oyo and was accommodated at guest houses belonging to Prince Abiodun Afonja, a retired businessman, who was responsible for the coordination of the mission. Transportation, security and other necessary means were provided by the Prince and local authorities.

Medical attendance took place in the following districts of Oyo state:

11.10.2017 Afijio, Akinmoorin (Health Center)
12.11.2017 Atiba, Ijawaya (Health Center)
13.10.2017 Oyo east Ajagba village (Health Center)
14.10.2017 Oyo west , Fashola (Health Center)
15.10.2017 Iseke (Health Center)
16.10.2017 Iware
17.10.2017 Imini village
18.10.2017 Saki east, Oje Owode
19.10.2017 Ishevin south
20.10.2017 Oksho Orelope

In most of the above places, the protocol demanded for a visit to the regional kings, where the team of doctors was formally introduced, informing the king about the activities of Heart Doctors and of the purpose of our visit.

Most frequent health problems in this State as in many other States in Nigeria: high blood pressure, low back pain, arthralgias, upper abdominal discomfort which people labeled ulcer, lower abdominal pain especially in women, stroke, malaria, problems of the eyes (irritation and reduced vision) and cases of long standing massive splenomegaly and hepatomegaly, the cause of which have not been diagnosed by the paramedical personnel. It was advised to refer these case to organized, preferably teaching Hospitals for proper tests and specific treatment. It was of interest to note that only relatively few mothers with their children came for consultation. It was stressed to all inhabitants to avoid salt and salty foods as well as chili and pepper in their cooking, for protection from high blood pressure and what they called ulcer.

The team was impressed by the perfect organization of the mission due to Prince Abiodum Afonja; this man, following his retirement, has dedicated most of his activities in the care of health and prosperity of his compatriots.

On the 21.10.2017 the team returned to Lagos and through Istanbul reached Athens on the 22.10.2017.

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