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28th Mission NIGERIA

On the 31st of October 2017, a six member team departed from Athens and through Cairo reached Kano in Nigeria. The purpose of the mission was to offer medical services to remote rural areas of Katsina and Niger States and inaugurate one medical center and two boreholes in Niger State

Activities in Katsina State

01.11.2017: The team moved by car from Kano airport to the capital of Katsina State and was accommodated in an hotel as guests of the Governor of Katsina, Hon. Aminu Belo Masari. Transportation and security were provided by the Governor; eight armed policemen guarded the team day and night. The team examined sick people at the following villages:

02.11.2017: Mazojin Fulani, Matazu Local Goverment
03.11.2017: Mazoji B, Matazu Local Government. Many mothers and children suffered here from malnutrition and cahexia.

04.11.2017: Sayaya, Matazu Local Goverment.
05.11.2017: Tuge, Musawa Local Goverment.
06.11.2017: Dumurkol, Maiduwa Local Goverment. The President of Nigeria Hon. Muhammadu Buhari comes from this village. In the afternoon the team visited the Governor of Katsina who thanked Heart Doctors warmly for their assistance to poor people.

Several children were carriers of cycle-cell anemia. Health Authorities informed us that in Katsina State a part of northern territories of Nigeria there are many cases of this anemia. The diseases observed were: malaria, helminthiasis, infection of the upper respiratory system, gastroenteritis, arthralgia, conjunctivitis, skin diseases and tuberculosis. Three cases of young childrens disfigured faces were observed (caused probably by osteosarkoma, in advanced stage).One case of cleft lip in a newborn baby was met and one of Kaposi sarcoma in a young adult woman (her left leg was swollen and appeared similar to elephantiasis). A syndrome of splenomegaly was also observed in a middle-aged woman with anemia and swollen abdomen (probable Leismania Dovani-Kala-Azar infection). Further examination in a central State hospital was advised.

Activities in Niger State

07.11.2017: The team moved from the capital of Katsina to the city of Kontagora in Niger State accompanied by eight armed policemen a journey of eight and a half hours. The Governor of Niger State offered hospitality in an hotel in Kontagora. Patients were visited, examined and treated in the following villages:

08.11.2017: Sabon Gari Mango, Kontagora Local Goverment.
09.11.2027: Tungan Gika, Auna West/Magama Local Goverment.
10.11.2017: Ibanga Tudum Wada, Kontagora Local Government; Inauguration of a borehole Heart Doctors had opened there for the supply of drinking water; medical attendance of sick people in the village. Departure for Mina, the capital of Niger State.

An additional member of Heart Doctors arrived from Athens, and the seven member team was accommodated in guest houses of the Governor of Niger State. A guard of three policemen was responsible for the protection of the team.

11.11.2017: Kowankasa,Tegina/Rafi Local Government; medical attendance of sick people.
12.11.2017: Lafiyan Kpada , Gulu / Lapai Local Government. Patients were attended and then the new medical center and a borehole in that village were officially inaugurated. This is the fourth medical center Heart Doctors have created in Niger State. Present in the ceremony was the local traditional king and Emir of Lapai, other officials and crowds of people. Officials addressed the people present and Mrs. Helen Sotiriou spoke on behalf of Heart Doctors. Traditional dances, music and special events followed. Present was also Hon. Umaru Tanko Kuta, who had supervised the construction works.

13.11.2017: Gbangba, Gbako Local Goverment. Local patients were medically examined and treated by the team.

14.11.2017: The team left Mina and moved to Abuja where they visited the Embassy of Greece. The Ambassadress of Greece, Mrs. Saranti, was informed about the activities of Heart Doctors in Nigeria; she mentioned the expansion of criminality in Nigeria and the very serious dangers from the militant islamist group Boko Haram.

At noon of the same day the team flew from Abuja to Cairo and next day returned to Athens.

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