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72nd Mission GREECE

On Monday, the 27th of November 2017, a “Heart Doctors” team visited the Τown-Ηall of Mantra in Western Attica; the team delivered there as relief for the needs of flood victims, from recent heavy rains, the following items:

Foodstuffs (sugar, evaporated milk, olive oil, cherry tomatos, pulses, flour, rice, biscuits, croissants, corn flakes, baby foods, coffee, tea etc.
Bedding (sheets, blankets, quilts)
Kitchen utensils (kitchenware, plate-glass)
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Bath towels
Clothing for children and adults (men and women


Heavy rains started on Wednesday 15.11.2017 and continued till Saturday 18.11.2017; they caused a tremendous flood that destroyed many houses and shops of the built up area in Mantra and other near cities; twenty three humans were killed. The disaster was due to the fact that part of those cities had been built on natural streams filled with earth and rubble, without any protection against floods.

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