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21st Mission CAMEROON

On Wednesday, the 29th of November 2017, a six member team of Heart Doctors flew from Athens to Cairo where it spent the night; next morning they flew to NDjamena in Chad and moved by two cars to the Chadian city of Bongor. The plan was to cross the river Logone by pirogue at that point and reach the Cameroonian riverside city Yagoua on the other bank. However, that proved impossible, because crossing the borders at that point was not allowed due to recent local incidents. Thus the team spent the night at Bongor.

01.12.2017: Very early next morning Heart Doctors left Bongor for the Chadian city Fianga from where it moved to the Cameroonian city Dutcheka at the land borderline of the two countries. Then the team reached its destination: Katrang. Crowds of patients had already gathered at the premises of Saint Apostles church; medical examination and treatment of the people started immediately.

The team carried from Athens medicines packed in 12 special large bags. The military authorities of Cameroon sent again two armed men to protect the mission against possible attacks by Boko Haram.

02.12 05.12.2017:
During the next four days large crowds of sick people came to Saint Apostles church to be attended by Heart Doctors. They came on foot from their homes which are dispersed all around in the wider area; many people came even from neighbouring Chad. Mothers with their babies and adults of all ages were present some very old, some handicapped and unable to move by themselves.

Various diseases and health problems were observed:
Malaria, bronchitis, helminthiasis, schistosomiasis (with haematuria), gastroenteritis, skin diseases, arthralgias, lumbago, ascites (one case), cardio-respiratory syndrome. Several kids in their early age were found to suffer from cahexia due to lack of milk and proper food (they were given milk powder and special enriched infant food).

The team stayed at the huts (boucaroos) constructed by Heart Doctors near the church to serve their missions in a place where no shelter can be found; they prepared their simple meals by themselves (lentils, rice, pasta).

The Greek Airlines Aegean offered again milk powder for babies, shirts, candies etc. This time, the team visited many families in their boucaroos and offered them part of that material the children were very happy indeed particularly with sweets and shirts which the enjoyed very much.

On the 6th of December, the team left Katrang and moved to N`Djamena, through Fianga (the borders from Yagoua to Bongor were still closed). The armed guard accompanied the mission members as far as Dutcheka. From NDjamena the team flew to Athens through Cairo.

On the 8th of December Heart Doctors returned to Athens.

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