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29th Mission NIGERIA

A seven-member team of "Heart Doctors" departed from Athens for Cairo, where they spent the night.

In the morning, the team left Cairo for the city of Kano, Nigeria. From there, they moved to Katsina State and reached the capital, where they settled in an hotel as hosts of the Governor of the State. The local organization of the mission activities, the necessary means of transport and the security of the team members (using the necessary police force) were undertaken by the competent governmental authorities.

They held a brief visit to the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Health in which the purpose of Heart Doctors” mission was discussed (providing medical care to patients in remote rural areas of Katsina State and offer food to malnourished children). Then, the team visited the village Dankama (Kaita Local Goverment, Katsina State) where patients were examined and treated at the local Health Center (Primary Health Center of Dankama). For each malnourished child, special strengthening food was granted (called “Garin Lafiya”) - for the most serious cases of cachexia, milk brought from Athens was also given to the sick children (donated by the Aegean Airways). Specific tonic dietary supplement (Nutrini Power Drink, product of Nutricia), brought also from Athens, was given to very kahectic children.

At Mashi Village (Mashi Local Goverment, Katsina State) patients were examined at the local health center. Kahectic children were given the special "Garin Lafiya" food together with milk and Nutricia dietary supplement.

Visit to Charanchi Village (Charanchi Local Government, Katsina State). There, patients were examined at the health center of the area. Similarly, “Garin Lafiya” food, milk and a Nutrini Power Drink were given to malnourished children.

Visit to the Mami village (Mani Local Government, Katsina State) where patients were examined at the local health center. Here it was found that kahexia was relatively more widespread. The special food "Garin Lafiya" and strengthening milk were offered to sick children.

Visit to Sandamu Village (Sandamu Local Government, Katsina State). Patients from the local area gathered at the health center of the village and were examined there. Children suffering from kahexia were treated in a similar way. Many mothers with twin children were observed in this village.

At noon of this day a festive event was organized in honor of the team. The State Health Minister attended the event.

The main diseases and health problems observed and treated were the following : Malaria, malnutrition in many children, gastroenteritis, upper respiratory system infections, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, hypertension, anemia, undiagnosed forms of malignant tumors, ascites etc.

The specific health strengthening food «Garin Lafiya», was a mixture of seeds ( millet, soybeans and groundnuts, in proportion 6-3-1), which were milled by local mills and freshly packed in 5 kg plastic bags. The Katsina State Primary Health Care Agency was responsible for milling the seeds and delivering the food to “Heart Doctors” who covered the cost. The distribution was made by the members of the team immediately after the medical examination of the sick children (each child was given a 5 kg pouch). The mills, exhausting their productive capacity, gave the team daily the amount they could. In total, they delivered 4,075 kg of special food, which was distributed to 815 kahectic children. As noted above, many of those children, who suffered from advanced cachexia, were given milk and Nutricia Nutrini Power Drink.

Departure from the capital of Katsina to Kano city airport by road, escorted by police for security. Then the team flew to Cairo where they spent the night.

15.03.20183: Departure from Cairo to Athens. End of the mission.

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