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30th Mission NIGERIA

An eight-member team of the Greek humanitarian Organization "Heart Doctors" left Athens with Egypt Air and via Cairo, where they spent the night, arrived the next day in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The purpose of this mission was to provide free medical care to remote agricultural populations living in the wide area of ​​Kontagora, in Niger State. The Governor of Niger State, Hon. Abubakar Sani Bello, invited “Heart Doctors” to carry out this mission and contributed by offering the necessary vehicles for transport, a body of policemen for the security of the mission (24 hour guard) and hospitality for five days.

Responsible local officials received “Heart Doctors” at the airport of Abuja, and led them by car to Kontagora; there the team settled in an hotel of the city as guests of the Governor of the State.

The team started from the hotel each morning and visited a different remote settlement every day, according to a plan drawn up by local authorities. The team examined the patients who were gathering at the visited settlement and treated them by providing the necessary medicines. Special milk for children (Nutrini Drink Powder) was offered to children suffering from malnutrition. That milk was kindly donated to “Heart Doctors” by the Aegean Airlines together with additional material (caps, t-shits, candies and various “Papadoloulou” biscuits). The settlements visited were the following:

28.04.2018: Magama, Madama Ward, Kontagora Local Government
29.04.2018: Runtuwa Gari, Yangara Ward, Magama Local Government
30.04.2018: Tundan Wada, Madara Ward, Kontagora Local Government
01.05.2018: Tashan Randa, Bobi Ward, Mariga Local Government

The main diseases observed and treated were:
Malaria, gastroenteritis, upper respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, back pain, arthralgia, tuberculosis, leprosy, oral cavity tumors, parasites, urinary tract infections, schistosomiasis, gynecological diseases, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, child malnutrition.

"Heart Doctors" transferred from Athens and offered to hospitals in Niger State, for free use by needy patients, external fixation sets (with their needles). This material was offered to "Heart Doctors" in Greece by various State hospitals and was disinfected by the General Hospital of Rhodes.

The material donated by AEGEAN Airlines to “Heart Doctors” was distributed mainly to children which appreciated it very much indeed! The milk powder for children proved life-saving for many of them.

The team moved to Mina, the capital of Niger State, and spent the night there at guest houses of the Governor. On the following morning the team left for the Abuja Airport from where they left for Cairo by Egypt Air. In Cairo the team spent the night and next morning returned to Athens.

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