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23rd Mission CAMEROON

On the 20th of October 2018 a seven member team of Heart Doctors traveled from Athens to Cameroon through NDjamena, the capital of Chad. The purpose of the mission was to provide medical assistance to the inhabitants of Katrang, an area in North Cameroon. The initial plan of this mission was to provide medical attendance to places in Chad on the way to Cameroon, an activity which was supposed to have been organized by the mayor of NDjamena. But, as it was found out at the arrival, this had not been possible. Furthermore, surprisingly, the team was not expected at the airport in the early morning hours. After a short relax, it was found out that no planning had been prepared for the trip to the Chadian city of Bongor, a distance of approximately 150 kilometers; from there the team should cross the river Longone and reach the Cameroonian riverside city of Yagoua. Following long negotiations, a mini-bus was hired for the trip to Bongor (including the transfer of medicines). Early in the morning, after obtaining a new visa from the embassy of Cameroon in NDjamena, the team started the journey to the city of Bongor, and managed to cross the river after the customs formalities and police control there. This journey, of approximately 150 kilometers, was covered in 5 hours due to the very bad road condition. At Yagoua, fortunately, the team was expected by a guard of the lodge in Katrang with a mini-bus for transportation. The mission reached the lodge in the evening after a two hour drive from Yagoua.

From the 23rd to the 29th of October, large numbers of people came with various health problems, walking long distances around the compound, even crossing the borders from Chad, seeking medical attendance. The most serious problems were malaria, especially in children, schistosomiasis, other parasites, low back pain, infections of the urogenital and respiratory tracts, arthralgias and scabies. An infant of a few months of age was brought to Heart Doctors with a congenital absence of large areas of skin of his body.

Local dancing was performed by the school girls to express their gratefulness to the team for taking care of their health problems.

On the 30th of October the team returned to N Djamena following the same road; many difficulties were met again due to mechanical problems of the buses used.

On the 31st of October the team returned to Athens through Istanbul. 

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