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31st Mission NIGERIA

On Monday afternoon, 26.11.2018, a five-member team of «Heart Doctors» departed with Egypt Air from Athens to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, via Cairo, where it spent the night. Next day, the team arrived in Abuja and moved by road (5 hours drive) to Kontagora, Niger State, where it settled in an hotel as guests of the Governor of the State.

The main purpose of the mission was to provide free medical services to patients living in remote and isolated settlements of rural areas; an additional purpose was to inaugurate a rural medical center and a well, a project of «Heart Doctors» financed by certain friends of the Organization. «Heart Doctors» transferred from Athens the required medicines, milk for children and other items. The Governor of the State provided hospitality, the necessary vehicles for travel to and from the settlements to be visited, and a small body of policemen for security reasons.

During the next five days, the team visited the settlements selected by the local authorities, one different settlement per day; after the examination and treatment of the sick people visited, the team returned to the hotel in Kontagora in the evening.  These settlements were as follows:

28.11.2018: Mariga Local Government, Makogi, Bangi Ward.

To visit Makogi village a 4 hour drive was required - the roads were in a very bad condition, the cars moved on dirt roads, even on non-existent roads, between fields and agricultural crops.
29.11.2018: Magama Local Government, Runtuwa Bille, Yangalu Ward.
Among the crowd of people gathered and waiting to be examined and treated by the doctors, there were three infants whose mother had died at birth. Neighboring mothers undertook to raise the orphans together with their own. Milk powder was given to those mothers to feed the orphans.

30.11.2018: Mariga Local Government, Tashan Randa, Bobi Ward.

Here, the inauguration of a rural medical center and a borehole was performed; that was a «Heart Doctors’» project, financed by certain of their friends. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the local traditional king, officials of the government and inhabitants of the surrounding areas. The medical center and the borehole will serve an estimated population of 20,000 people.

1.12.2018: Bosso Local Government, Shakwata, Maitumbi Ward.

In addition to the examination and treatment of the patients gathered in this village, a Nigerian member of the escort of the team collapsed due to severe malaria he suffered from. Heart Doctors acted immediately by injecting the sick person who came back to his senses soon.

2.12.2018: Lapai Local Government, Kpashimi.

Two-and-a-half hours drive was required to move from Kontagora to this village; at one point heavy rains had completely destroyed the road and another route had to be found. The sick people gathered - among them many of the Fulani ethnic group - were exceptionally uneasy and difficult to control and keep in order.
Milk powder was given to infants (a repeated friendly offer of the Aegean Airlines to African children, along with «cereal bars», biscuits, candies etc. that made  young children very happy indeed).

The diseases observed were: malaria, anemia, respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, helminthiasις of the gastrointestinal system, arthralgias, lower back pains, migraine, skin diseases, dysmenorrhea.

On December 3, 2018 the team moved to Mina, the capital of the Niger State, and was admitted to the house of the Minister of Health Mr. Mustapha Jibril. Then they departed for Abuja and from there they flew to Cairo and returned to Athens on 4.12.2018.

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