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3rd Mission INDONESIA

Members of the Humanitarian Organization Heart Doctors accompanied by cooperating volunteering friends traveled to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on the island of Java, on Monday, October 8, 2018. The purpose of the visit was to purchase and distribute supplies to earthquake and tsunami victims (sick, wounded and homeless) after the natural disaster of 28.9.2018 that hit Indonesia (earthquake of 7.5 Richter scale and tsunami of 6 meter high).

The team purchased and offered for distribution blankets, milk powder for children and bottled drinking water. These items were distributed to the victims in the city of Palu  (Sulawezi island) and in the island of Lombok.

The disaster was formidable; the dead people were thousands and those injured and homeless were hundreds of thousands. The atmosphere was suffocating. The team was assisted by many friends of the Organization met in Jakarta.

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