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4th Mission INDONESIA

Members of the Humanitarian Organization Heart Doctors accompanied by cooperating volunteering friends traveled to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in Java sland, on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to transfer medicines from Athens and purchase from local markets necessary supplies for tsunami victims (wounded, sick and displaced homeless people) after the eruption of Volcano Anak Krakatau on 22.12.2018, and the submarine landslide of the volcano that caused the tsunami.

The medicines were handed over to the responsible oficers; rice, flour and bottled drinking water were purchased and distributed.

The disaster was tremendous. According to the most recent announcements, the dead are 429 people, injured and homeless are thousands and the destroyed buildings too many. The atmosphere was suffocating and the odors unbearable. Heart Doctors were assisted by many local friends of the organization.

The team returned to Athens on Friday afternoon, 4.1.2019

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