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24th Mission CAMEROON

On the 30.1.2019 a five member team of Heart Doctors traveled to north Cameroun through NDjamena in Chad. The purpose of the mission was the attendance of sick people in Katrang, a large district in the north of the country. The team reached NDjamena through Cairo in the early afternoon hours of the 31.1.2019 and moved immediately with an air conditioned mini bus to the village Bongor, close to the river Longone that separates Chad and Cameroon, following a six hour drive on a poorly maintained road. The team arrived at an hotel, close to the border, to spend the night and cross the river in the early morning hours. To our surprise there was no light and not even water, and the team was asked to pay in advance the hotel fee to purchase petrol for the generator. When finally the generator was put in function, a member of the team found out that the sheets had been used and were very dirty. Unfortunately there were none for replacement and finally after checking several rooms, in one of them a bed with sheets in a better condition was found.

Early next morning (1.2.2019), the team reached the borders of Chad and Cameroon at the river; following a quick clearance through the customs, the mission members crossed the river by one of the traditional boats. On the other side the team was expected and welcomed by the Christian Orthofox priest of the compound in Katrang, who had organized transportation and informed the local people about the arrival of Heart Doctors.

Following a two hour drive, the team reached the compound in   Katrang, where Heart Doctors had financed many years ago the construction of traditional huts for the accommodation of the members, rendering medical services to the people of a wide area, including inhabitants of Cameroon as well as of Chad. Following a quick preparation of the medicines in the building where sick people are received, examined and treated, the team started attending the first patients gathered there since early in the morning of the day.

During the following three day period (2 4.3.2019), large numbers of people with various health problems were examined and treated from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Frequent diseases were malaria, schistosomiasis, anemia due to many diseases, infections of the respiratory tract, syndromes with diarrheas, joint and bone problems, low back pain, parasitoses of the gut, skin infections, epilepsy, eye problems, sexually transmitted diseases and malnutrition of children. 

On the 5th of February, the members of the team returned to NDjamena, following the same road of arrival; next day they reached Cairo and on the 7th of February they returned to Athens.

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