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87th Mission GREECE

A four-member team of "Heart Doctors" departed from Athens at 6:30 am and visited the 2nd Second Chance School operating in Larisa Prison with adult male students. The purpose of the mission was to examine ophthalmologically school students and offer eye glasses with appropriate corrective lenses. Member of the mission was an ophthalmologist of the Athens General Hospital Evagelismos, who kindly offered his services as a volunteer for this mission.

Twenty-four students suffering from eye problems were examined by the team. It was found out that nearly all of them suffered from refractive eye problems, two of them from conjunctivitis and another two from amblyopia.

Prescriptionς were given by the ophthalmologist and eye glasses were offered to certain students (the eye glasses were selected by the students from a large collection of eye glasses the team had brought with them). Based on the prescriptions issued, various optician works will be performed in Athens – the result will then be sent by post to the relevant students in Larisa prison.

The students, the Director of the School, Mr. George Trantas, and the prison staff involved, warmly thanked for the careful services offered.

The team returned to Athens at around 8:00 pm.

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