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33rd Mission NIGERIA

n the 26.9.2019, a five member team of Heart Doctors departed from Athens for the city of Lagos in Nigeria through Cairo, where they spent the night. The purpose of the mission was medical attendance of the inhabitants of various pour neighborhoods of the larger area of Lagos with health problems, following an invitation from friends of Heart Doctors. The activities of the mission were organized by these people and places with lack of facilities for primary health care were carefully selected.

The team was received at the airport by members of the organizers, who assisted the team to facilitate the clearance of the medicines through customs, and transported the members of the team to an hotel with a mini bus, which has been used for transportation during the entire duration of the mission.

The following days the program included the activities below:

28.9.2019: visit to a school in Oroke Village in Ajah district, where the children of the school with various health problems were examined and treated together with their parents and inhabitants in the larger area, who had been notified in previous days for the free medical services by doctors from a Greek humanitarian Organization.

29.9.2019: Medical services to the people in the main building of SSION of Ajah district in Lagos.

30.9.2019: Attendance of people with health problems of Sangotedo Village in Ajah district.

1.10.2019 and 2.10.2019: attendance of people in two different parts of Amuwo Odofin district.

3.10.2019: examination and treatment of sick inhabitants in a Medical Center of Ajegunle, a neighborhood of the city which was supposed to be very poor and dangerous to drive through. Various professionals in the center have been very helpful to the team for treating large numbers of people.

Most frequent health problems encountered were malaria due to the recent rainy season which continued during our presence, hypertension due to the frequent daily use of salted food, infections of the respiratory tract, diarrheas, pain in the area of upper abdominal region, which was referred as ulcer, parasitoses, low back pain and arthralgias.

Heart Doctors are very grateful to Mr. Ramesh Harthiramani, the Head of the organizing members of this mission and his coworkers, who were accompanying the doctors every day, assisting them in their activities in any way they could.

Return to Athens on 5.10.2019.

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