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34th Mission NIGERIA

A six-member team of “Heart Doctors” departed from Athens on 23.11.2019 with Egypt Air for the capital Minna, in Niger State, Nigeria (through Cairo where they spent the night). Next day the team arrived in Abuja, where it was welcomed by the local coordinator of the mission (with his associates appointed by the Governor of Niger State, Mr. Abubakar Sani Bello). The coordinator helped also with the customs clearance of the medicines “Heart Doctors” had brought from Athens. Following these checks, the team of “Heart Doctors” left Abuja and moved  by car to Minna, accompanied by the coordinator, his associates and police. There the team settled in a guest house, as guests of the Governor.

The purpose of the mission was to provide medical care to sick residents of  Niger State and to inaugurate one school building, one rural medical center and a well for drinking water in the remote village Ebba (She Ward, Shiroro LGA). The local activities of the mission had been organized by the coordinator and the competent local authorities; hospitality,  transportation and security were provided by the Governor of Niger State.

Healthcare was offered to the patients of the following settlements:

25.11.2019: Shengu, Gini Ward, Munya LGA
26.11.2019: Kazai Indiya, Gini Ward, Munya LGA
27.11.2019: Ebba, She Ward, Shiroro, LGA. Shakwata, Maitumbi Ward, Bosso LGA
28.11.2019: Masumagu, Yangulu Ward, Magama LGA
29.11.2019: Ang / Companies, T / Wada North Ward, Chanchaga, LGA

The inauguration of the school building, the rural medical center and the well took place on 27.11.2019 in the village of Ebba, along with the medical examination and attendance of patients. The medical center consists of 3 hospital wards (for medical examination and attendance, labour ward, auxiliary facilities). The well will serve the school and the medical center, as well as the population of the village. It is estimated that this projects, funded by friends of “Heart Doctors”, will meet the needs of 20,000 residents in the wider area. The old friend of the Organization, Mr. Umaro Tanko Kuta, supervised the workshops of the technicians who carried out the projects. Officials from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the State, the representative of the Governor  and the traditional Emir, other officials and large crowds attended the inauguration ceremony. Impressive traditional dances were organized that delighted the people.

“Heart Doctors” provided the medical center with the necessary equipment, bedding, curtains, etc.

The main health problems observed were the following : malaria, respiratory infections, diarrhea syndromes, hypertension, stomach problems, helminthiasis , lower back pains, arthritis, dermatitis, and skin infections. To certain underfed babies special enriched milk was given; that milk had been brought from Athens by “Heart Doctors”.

On 30.11.2019 the team departed from Minna for Kano Airport and from there it arrived by air to Cairo where it spent the night. He returned to Athens on 1.12.2019

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