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96th Mission GREECE

On Tuesday, the 28th of January 2020, a team of “Heart Doctors” visited again the 1st Second Chance School of Domokos. Mrs. Eleni Sotiriou addressed the audience of about 70 students presenting to them the activities of the Organization – a video was used to show pictures from medical missions. Then various useful items were distributed to the students or were offered to the School: bedding (blankets, sheets, pillow cases), clothing (trousers, vests, jackets, sweaters, shirts, etc.), soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes, printing paper for PC, balls for playing football, cookies etc.

Eleven (11) students were examined and prescriptions were issued for eye glasses which were sent later by post to the relevant students.  

Students were eager to present their own work; one of them played on the piano parts of classic works.

Various medicines were sent later by post to the dispensary of the prison, as requested by the Director and the Social Worker of the prison.

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