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7th Mission TANZANIA

On 5.2.2020, a team of "Heart Doctors" departed by the Turkish Airlines from Athens for the island of Zanzibar, which belongs to Tanzania. The mission was organized by a local businessman, a friend of “Heart Doctors” from Israel (of the food manufacturing company NEXT GENERATION, LTD).

That friend, assisted by a Greek associate named Christopher, contacted the responsible local authorities and secured permission for the implementation of humanitarian medical activities by “Heart Doctors”. The team arrived at the island in the early hours of the day and was welcomed by the Greek associate of the local Israeli food business, who informed the team that the humanitarian activities had been planned for a smaller island called Pemba – the rural population of that island needed more health care.

The team was transferred to the island of Pemba by a small twelve-seat plane. Two doctors of the local health authorities received the team and accompanied the members of the mission during the humanitarian medical activities on the island, On the 6th, 7th and 10th of February, patients were treated in Wete village, on 8th of February in Kiuyu Mbuyuni village and on 9th of February in Mkia N`gombe village. A large number of patients with health problems have been examined and received treatment with the help of nurses and doctors from nearby health centers.

Most frequent health problems were hypertension and diabetes mostly in obese women, scabies in the village Mkia N’Gombe, low back and joint pain, eye problems, skin infections, infections of the respiratory tract and urinary tracts and stroke. Surprisingly, cases with malaria were scarce. On the last day of activities a representative of the local ministry of health paid a visit and in a small ceremony addressed the “Heart Doctors” on behalf of the community, expressing his thanks for their contribution to the health status of the inhabitants of Pemba.

On 11th of February, the team returned to Zanzibar and attended the sick in a health center of the village Fuoni Ijitimal for the days 11th, 12th, and 13th of February. On the last day, a press conference was organized with all local media and the minister of health in person, who thanked the organizers of the mission and “Heart Doctors” for their activities to the people of both islands.

“Heart Doctors” would like to thank all the kind and sincere friends of NEXT GENERATION LTD for the invitation, local organization, hospitality and support in carrying out the medical mission in Zanzibar. On February 14th, the team returned to Greece.

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