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  1. Four primary education schools in Gujarat State, India
    Foundation : February 2001

    «Ηeart Doctors» financed the construction of 4 school buildings in Gujarat after the earthquake of the 26th of January 2001 ( 7.7 Richter ).

  2. Three-storied building in Nairobi, Kenya
    Inauguration : 11th of June, 2001

    The building consists of three floors with bathrooms; it has been built in a plot of land belonging to the Christian Orthodox Church of Kenya, in order to house 250 orphans whose parents had died of AIDS. The building works were supervised by Seraphim, the Most Reverend Archbishop of Kenya. The building now houses schools and colleges.

  3. Kindergarten and two schools in Ghana
    Inauguration : 17th of February, 2002

    The construction of a kindergarten and of two small school buildings in the areas of Jamra-Adandan and Akropong were financed by «Ηeart Doctors». A bigger school building was constructed in the area of Gomoa-Fomena. The building works were supervised by Panteleimon, the Most Reverend Bishop of Ghana.

  4. “Platon” and “Aristotelis”, two schools in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
    Inauguration : 2003

    The building works for both schools were completed in 2003.

  5. “Rhodes”, a two-storied school for 320 primary education students, built at Beruwala, Sri-Lanka
    Inauguration: 20th of June, 2005

    The school was built on the basis of plans and in a plot of land of the Ministry of Education of Sri-Lanka. It was offered by «Ηeart Doctors» to this country as humanitarian assistance after the disaster caused by the earthquake of the 26th of December 2004 in Sumatra and the tsunami that followed. The foundation stone ceremony ( 8.2.2005 ) and the inauguration ( 20.6.2005 ) were performed in the presence of the Minister of Education, many other religious and governmental officials and a large number of students, teachers and people. The school at Beruwala was built in 4 months and is the first assistance project to Sri-Lanka to face the consequences of the disaster.

  6. School for 150 primary education students in Buramata, Burundi
    Inauguration : 2nd of May, 2007

    The school was built in a large plot of land, offered by the State; around this area a new settlement is now developing. The President of the State was present in the inauguration ceremony. “Heart Doctors have erected in the same building plot a medical center to serve the school community and the inhabitants of the whole settlement.

  7. School for 250 secondary education students in Buramata, Burundi
    Inaugutation : 2nd of May, 2007

    The school building was constructed at Buramata by friends of « Heart Doctors ». Present in the inauguration was the President of Burundi.

  8. “Artemis”, a kindergarten at Koutsohera, municipality of Oleni, prefecture of Ilia, Peloponnesus, Greece
    Inauguration : 4th of May, 2008

    During the big fires of August 2007 which partly destroyed Ilia and Arcadia in Peloponnesus, «Ηeart Doctors» visited twice the burning places providing food and drinking water. They decided to finance the construction of a kindergarten at the village of Koutsohera.( 20 houses of the village and all its surrounding land were destroyed by the fires ). The building plot and the plans were provided by the municipality of Oleni. The building works were completed in a period of time less than six months. A part of the cost of the project was covered by the Western Union Foundation and the Hellenic Center ( London ).

  9. Primary Education school at Gisuru viallage, Ruyigi, Burundi
    Inauguration : 28th of February, 2009

    «Ηeart Doctors» decided to erect a school building at the village in order to facilitate elementary education in a distant and isolated area of a very poor region of Burundi. The project was supervised by the Governor of Ruyigi Hon. Bucumi Moise. The building was ready in a few months’ time. The Governor, local Officials and crowds of people participated in the inauguration ceremony. The project ( 4 school rooms ) was financed by friends of the Organization and the school was given the name "Goddess Athina".

  10. Extension of the primary school at Gisuru, Ruyigi province, Burundi
    Inauguration: November 2009

    The 4-room primary school built at Gisuru early in 2009, soon proved it was not large enough to serve all the children wanting to attend. Two big school rooms were then added together with proper offices for the school master and the teaching stuff. Friends of «Ηeart Doctors» covered the construction costs.

  11. Primary education school in Gaborone, Botswana
    Inauguration: 16.12.2009

    This school was constructed in Gaborone particularly for the educational needs of the orphanage supported by «Ηeart Doctors» and their friends.

  12. Construction of a school building at Nyabikere village, Karuzi Province,Burundi
    Inauguration: 13.3.2010

    On the 4th of December 2009 the building works started; the school was large enough to receive the interested children of the village and the wide community. It consists of 6 big school rooms, offices for the director of the school and the teachers; toilets have been added. The new school building has replaced the old one which was made mainly of canes. "Alexander the Great" was the name of the new school.

  13. Construction of a complex of buildings to house the Paramedical School of Gisuru (school for training nurses)
    Inauguration: 17.2.2011

    This project started in October 2010 and the woks were completed next Spring. It serves about 200 students who are trained to become qualified nurses. The School was financed by «Ηeart Doctors» after a request by the President of Democracy of Burundi.
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