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  1. Four medical centers in Gujarat State, India
    Foundation: February, 2001

    “Heart Doctors” financed the construction of 4 medical centers in Gujarat after the earthquake of the 26th of January 2001 ( 7.7 Richter ).

  2. Installation of a dental unit in Raciula Convent, Moldavia
    Completed : 13th of December, 2006

    The convent is located near the city of Kalaraci and 200 nuns pass their life there. This project was proposed to “Heart Doctors” and financed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (International Developmental Cooperation Service, YDAS).

  3. “Alexandra” medical center built at the village SHE, Niger State, Nigeria
    Inauguration: 1st of March, 2008

    “Heart Doctors” found the medical centre of the village SHE ruined and decided to finance the construction and equipment of a new one in the same area. The new medical center was named “Alexandra” and the inauguration ceremony was performed in the presence of the traditional emir, the local government officials and crowds of people.

  4. “Home of Peace” for mental patients at Zongoro, Bauchi State, Nigeria
    Inauguration : 13th of May, 2008

    At Zongoro village “ Heart Doctors” found 20 mental patients chained to the trunk of trees. They were exposed to the dangers of extreme weather conditions and in the periods of heavy rains and the floods that follow some of them could be drowned. “Heart Doctors” decided to finance the construction of a special building as soon as possible. In less than two months the building was ready. The President of the State of Bauchi was present in the inauguration ceremony. The project was financed by the Hellenic Society of Haematology.
  5. Hospital at Gisuru, a village in the province of Ruyigi, Burundi
    Time period of construction: 2008-2010.

    The old medical center at Gisuru was rehabilitated and enlarged. Then in the same area a hospital complex was built. The technical plans of the project and the plots of land have been offered by the State of Burundi. The works were closely supervised by Honorable Bucuni Moise, Governor of the Province and later Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Burundi. The new units are the following: general clinic, pediatric clinic, operating theater and surgical clinic, maternity clinic, laboratories, residence blocks for doctors and nurses, and various buildings for the administration of the hospital. Water and electricity supply have been secured by special projects (wells, tanks and electric generators). Beds, mattresses, bedding and furniture were added. Doctors, nurses and administrative personnel were appointed. The project was financed by friends of “Heart Doctors”.  The new complex serves the people living in the villages of the wider area of Gisuru (many come from neighboring Tanzania).

  6. Medical center at Buramata, Burundi
    Completed: 2008

    The medical center is used by the school children of Buramata and the increasing population of the village and the wider area.

  7. Medical center in Kenya
    Completion : 2009

    The Archbishop of Kenya supervised the building works and is responsible for the operation of the medical center.

  8. Hospital at Agagbe, Benue State, Nigeria
    Completion: 2010

    «Ηeart Doctors» have participated in the finance of this project. Initially they proposed to the authorities of Benue State to finance the repairs of the local hospital at Agagbe. The authorities, however, decided to demolish the old building and build a new hospital at the same place.
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