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  1. Construction of the roof of Saint Ignatios Church at Upkur, Nigeria
    Completed: 21st of March 2001

    The construction of the roof of the church was financed by “Heart Doctors” as a humanitarian assistance to the Crhristian Orthodox parish of Upkur, Eastern Nigeria (formerly called Biafra). This church gathers hundreds of Christians every Sunday.

  2. Water tanks by the church building of Saint Andrew-Rukuraijo and Archangel Michael-Bushangaro, Tanzania 
    Completed: year 2001

    “Heart Doctors” financed the construction of two water tanks to collect the rain water from the roofs of two churches for the inhabitants to use clean water for their needs. Ieronymos, the Most Reverend Bishop of Tanzania, supervised the building works.

  3. Opening of 5 wells in villages of Northern Cameroon
    Inspection and acceptance of the completed works: 6th of February 2008

    This project aimed at securing clean water supply in an area where people use and drink water from lakes, ponds, ditches etc. thus suffering from helminthiases. The wells were constructed in the villages Youaye, Zouaye, konkoron, Baiga and Gai-Gai. Each well has a pump functioning by hand; some of the wells have an elevated tank. The construction works were supervised by Gregorios, the Most Reverend Bishop of Cameroon.

  4. House for the homeless blind, Benin
    Completion: 2008

    The construction works were supervised by Alexandros the Most Reverend Bishop of Nigeria. The inauguration ceremony will take place in due course.

  5. Settlement of 150 small houses in Buramata, Ruyigi
    Completion: 2007

    Near the schools and the medical center in Buramata, 150 small houses were built by friends who covered the construction costs. The houses were given to poor homeless families.

  6. Combined rice harvester and rice hauler in Yonibana, Sierra Leone
    Purchased and offered: July 2008

    One combined rice harvester and rice hauler was donated to the inhabitants of Yonibana engaged in farming and particularly in the cultivation of rice.

  7. Water supply project in Buramata, Burundi
    Completion: November, 2009

    As the number of families gathering in Buramata increased, the problem of water supply became more serious (people had to walk and fetch water from the springs which were found 2 miles away from Buramata). «Ηeart Doctors» financed the necessary project and running water was brought from the springs to the center of Buramata.

  8. Wells in Doukoula region, Katrang, Northern Cameroon
    Completion: Year 2010

    In memory of relatives, friends of «Ηeart Doctors» covered the expenses required to dig a well in Doukoula and thus supply clean water to families urgently needing it. The water is drawn out by manually working pump.

  9. Construction of Athletic stadium in Burundi
    The works started in 2010

    The location of the stadium is 80 kilometers off Buzumbura, the capital of Burundi (near the Lake Tanganyika).
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