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Report of the 2nd Mission to the Republic of Niger ( provision of foodstuffs )

On Tuesday, 28.10.2008, a team of Heart Doctors visited Zinder, a city of Southern Niger; the purpose of the visit was to buy from local markets staple foodstuffs and offer them to poor nomadic populations of shepherds staying in the wide area around Zinder. This land is very dry and poor; the people living there lack water and food; as a matter of fact sickness and hunger threaten men and animals living in that area.

Three years ago Heart Doctors visited the same region of Niger and offered medical services and foodstuffs to the nomadic population they found there ( Fulani, Tuareg, Hausa ).

This time maize was bought from the local market. After close examination of the market conditions and on the basis of bids collected from local merchants, 130 tons of maize were bought. This quantity was transferred by car to the places where shepherds and their families live with their animals and were distributed there according to the needs.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( General Directorate of International Developmental Cooperation, YDAS ) financed this mission and covered the total cost of the relevant program.

The Diplomatic Services of Greece in Abuja ( Nigeria ) authorized the invoices and the rest of the documents concerning this humanitarian mission. Heart Doctors, as in all similar cases, informed the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( YDAS ) about the mission, just before leaving Athens for the Republic of Niger.

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