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36th Mission NIGERIA

A five-member team of “Heart Doctors” departed from Athens on Thursday, the 21st of October 2021, with Egypt Air to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, via Cairo (where they spent the night). The next day, the team reached Abuja, where, after meticulous checks on the coronavirus, it was welcomed by the local coordinator of the mission and his associates, namely the Director of the large investment complex producing sugar under the name Sunti Golden Sugar Estate (in Mokwa Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria). The process of receiving the pharmaceutical material from the airport customs was done without any delay with the care of the host team. The host team, with Koumandaros Flour Mills vehicles and security police, picked up the “Heart Doctors” from the airport and, after spending the night in a hotel in Abuja, led them to the aforementioned investment complex (seven-hour journey). There they settled in an excellent accommodation unit.

The invitation of “Heart Doctors” to offer free medical services and medication to thousands of employees in this complex and to the sick people living in scattered settlements of 40 communities in the area, was granted with the care of Mr. Ioannis Katsaounis on behalf of the Koumandaros company. “Heart Doctors” were offered full hospitality and everything that was necessary for the treatment of the patients.

The patients of the group gathered daily at the medical center there (Sunti Clinic) and “Heart Doctors” examined and attended the people, from morning to afternoon, administering the necessary medicines, which they had brought from Athens. The medical and nursing staff of the medical center assisted mainly by interpreting. The sick from settlements in the wider area were transported to the medical center daily by ten trucks.

The treatment was offered to thousands of patients during the period 23-30.10.2021 The patients were of all ages - babies, infants, young people, adults and the elderly. The main health problems identified were: Malaria, anemia, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, gastritis, hypertension, skin diseases, arthralgias, malnourished children, skin abscesses, urinary tract infections, schistosomiasis.

Among the patients were four young children suffering from severe starvation. They were given strengthening food (milk powder) brought by “Heart Doctors” from Athens.

Warm thanks are extended to the owners of the Sunti Golden Sugar Estate and particularly to Mr. Ioannis Katsaounis for inviting “Heart Doctors” to offer free medical care to the employees, their families and the local population of the wider area. The Director Mr. Alno du Pisani and his wife Mrs. Tamara du Pisani proved very efficient indeed in organizing and combining the activities of the mission and offer excellent hospitality to the team. The medical and nursing personnel of Sunti Clinic are thanked for their services.

Two days after the arrival of the team, a PCR test was performed for Sars-2-Covid. Also, 72 hours before their departure, another PCR test was performed for the return trip to Greece.

The team was taken to Abuja and next day it departed for the airport, from where it flew by Egypt Air to Cairo, where it spent the night and arrived in Athens next afternoon, on 1.11.2021

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